Terms of Service


Photographs: Human nudity of any type is strictly prohibited, as are photos of illegal activities.


Posting: Incendiary comments are forbidden. If you wish to say something unpleasant or accusatory to another member in any area of this site, remember that such activity may get you permanently banned.


Adult Content: There are areas of this site which are adult-only. You are bound by and responsible for following the laws of your region/jurisdiction. If you are under the age of 18, or the laws of your country forbid the viewing of adult material, you may not visit the adult areas of this site.


Posting Adult Content: You may not post anything with a mature rating in any area of the site that is not specifically designated ad 18+ or "Adult". This includes, but is not limited to images and forum posts.


Harassment: We take the issue of harassment very seriously, and if anyone is found to be harassing another member of the site, in any way, they will be banned.


Art: Artistic images may only be posted by the artist themselves, or with express written permission of the artist. Users found to be posting artwork without permission will be banned immediately, and the art in question will be deleted from our image boards.


Profile Images: Profile images must be rated PG-PG13. There are to be no adult or mature images in your profile or other public areas of the site.


Users who disregard these rules will be subject to repercussions which may include deletion of content, deletion of account, permanent banning from Hardcore Furry, and/or legal action where applicable.


These rules are subject to change at any time, without notice.